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Outrageous Healing

Offering new tools for restoring body, mind, emotions and soul -- concrete hope and sustained forward movement -- and successful relationships between individuals, their practitioners, family and friends.

Discover the visible and invisible clues to creating a clear understanding and approach to total wellness. Uncover the roots of your illness and find the right path of treatment to complete health.

"From Cell to Soul" is a program and body of work that provides integrative inroads for continued well-being, physical healing and effective communications between individuals, their doctors, alternative healers, spiritual support, and the health care industry.

You'll learn how to deconstruct your life, health and family experiences; decipher what happened to cause a breakdown; translate this information into a meaningful understanding of your experiences; and how to communicate this to the people that need to know.

Traveling from cell to soul, you'll find the tools, the support and the structure to develop a vision of your own Outrageous Healing through the eyes of a Medical Detective.



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